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Is our clinic right for you or your loved one?

We strive to serve as many people as we can to the best of our capacity. Due to the limits inherent to our space and resources, certain types of situations cannot be safely or adequately managed within the context of the Libera clinic. The main exclusion criteria are listed here:

  • Patients who are unable or unwilling to provide informed consent to care.

  • Patients who are at clear and imminent risk to the safety of themselves or others - see our section on psychiatric emergencies

  • Patients with a recent or repeated history, legal or otherwise, of violent criminal acts

  • Patients involved in active legal proceedings or criminal investigations relating to the participation in, or enabling of, violent criminal acts.

  • Patients primarily seeking a medico-legal or forensic psychiatric evaluation

  • Patients primarily seeking a formal neuropsychological or neuropsychiatric evaluation.

  • Patients having required hospitalization on a psychiatric inpatient ward for any reason, within the past 4 to 6 months, excluding short stays within hospital psychiatric emergency departments.

  • Patients with an active psychiatric treating team outside of the Libera Clinic seeking a transfer of care or secondary medical opinion without informing their treating team and/or doing so against their treating team's direct medical recommendations.

  • Patients specifically and uniquely seeking psychological follow-up or psychotherapy and/or who do not wish to participate in a psychiatric diagnostic interview.

  • Patients  with an active, highly morbid or life threatening physical condition that requires immediate intervention including but not limited to: delirium, uncontrolled seizures, severe malnutrition, occult worsening anemia, etc

  • Patients undergoing or suspected of undergoing a first episode of psychosis. Please refer to a FEPP clinic - on the island of Montreal, see

  • Patients or families of patients exclusively seeking specialized expertise in the evaluation, management, and treatment of severe or pervasive neurodevelopmental conditions including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Patients primarily or exclusively seeking assistance for social or financial difficulties such as inadequate housing, unemployment, financial destitution, bankruptcy, etc. If these situations apply to you, consider asking your local CLSC for psychosocial assistance. Specifically you may request or be referred to a SIV team worker which may be better suited to help you navigate these concerns.

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