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Meet our Experts

At Libera Clinic, our team of highly skilled and experienced care providers has our patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Meet the people running our welcoming Psychiatric Clinic, and schedule an appointment today.


The Clinical Team


Alexandre Allard


Alexandre Allard is a psychiatrist and co-founder of the Libera Clinic. He is animated by a desire to challenge the status quo by rethinking psychiatric care for patients, primary care, and the broader community. Through humanism, genuine communication, and the strongest belief in people's ability to flourish in their darkest hours, he strives to bring hope to the patients, staff, and partners of the Libera Clinic.

Julia Fraser


I am a licensed social worker with over twenty years experience in mental health.  I hold the Couple and Family Therapy license, as well as the Psychotherapy permit.  I bring a systemic perspective to my work with individuals, couples and families, and to mental health recovery as well.


Allana Goodman


As an Occupational Therapist I strive to provide a holistic and client centered approach to care. My aim is to foster a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, where patients feel safe to identify their individualized needs and goals for treatment. My areas of expertise include working with both young adults and seniors with varying mental health diagnoses, implementing individual and group based interventions, and facilitating a mind-body approach as a certified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy instructor.

Candice Ozmak


With a background in sociology and social sciences, I’ve always been fascinated by observing how things work around me and what I could do to make things better. I have brought this talent to the Libera Clinic since its very beginning, and here I have come to understand mental health patients and their needs. I strive, along with my team, to ensure that this clinic is as welcoming and accessible as is possible.


Isabelle Silverstone


Dr. Silverstone completed medical school at Sherbrooke University in 2013,  her residency in psychiatry at McGill University in 2018 and a subspecialty in geriatric psychiatry in 2019 also at McGill University. She worked at Jean Talon Hospital for 1 ½ years  in consultation-liaison psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. Since April 2021 she transitioned her practice to the Libera Clinic where she practices general psychiatry.  She acts as a facilitator in the yearly annual online course organized by the Canadian Association of Geriatric Psychiatry. During her subspecialty training,  she completed  a research study that was published in the Canadian Geriatics Journal entitled "Management of Agitation in Dementia and Effects on Inpatient Length of Stay".  She is involved in educating the community on mental health issues and recently, along with colleagues in other disciplines, gave a seminar to a group of police officers on this topic.  She promotes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment care and collaborating with healthcare professionals.

Viet Tran


As a psychiatrist, I accompany the people I meet in their path towards healing in a way that helps them regain a stronger sense of agency and choice in their lives. By inviting them to cultivate self-awareness and by aligning myself with their strengths, values, and aspirations, I work with my patients to reconnect with their most authentic selves and to more flexibly embrace the challenges that come their way.


Julian Xue


Dr. Julian Z. Xue is a psychiatrist and one of the two founders of the Libera Clinic. He is dedicated to making the world a little bit more humane: for patients, for colleagues, for co-workers, and for himself. In an atomized world, he believes in making connections and building community -- starting here at the clinic. His medical practice focuses on expanding the best that the patient can bring to bear, in listening to peoples' hopes and dreams and helping them move closer. He holds a PhD in evolutionary biology and has a strong interest in virtue ethics, both of which improve his understanding of what makes people human.

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